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Jasmine Wilde-Trill Moms ep1.png

Spiritual Practitioner

Guest on Episode 1


Goddess. Mom. Owner of @heybabyatl . Spiritual Practitioner. Transparent truth seeker. Oversharing Empath. Healer. On a journey of self-love.

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Traveling Educator

Guest on Episode 2


Virtual Educator. Homeschooling Mom. World Traveler.


Creative Entrepreneur

Guest on Episode 3

Ayo Ma

Wife. Mother. Rebel. Nurturer. Optimistic. Intuitive. Teacher. Speaker. Artist of Many Forms. Healer.

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Guest on Episode 4


Singer. Wife. Lover of chocolate. Trill Ass Mom. Giver. and an Unapologetic Black Woman.


Tha Horny Housewife

Guest on Episode 5

Crystal Brown

Mother of Five. Wife. Lover. 

Empath. Intercessor. Connector. 

Visionary For All Things Creative.



Education Policy Advocate

Guest on Episode 6

Danyika Leonard

Mom of 2. Wife. Social Worker. Education Policy Advocate. 



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Producer and Correspondent

Guest on Episode 7

Georgia Fort

Mom of 2. Wife. Independent Journalist. Maternity Leave Advocate.



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Psychotherapist and Healer

Guest on Episode 9

Kamisha Johnson

Mother. Healer. Psychotherapist. 

Creative. Entrepreneur.


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CEO. Co-Parenting Advocate

Guest on Episode 10

Alysha Price

Founder. CEO. Family Mediator. Mother. Friend. Creative.



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Stylist. Color Queen. 

Guest on Episode 11

Jai B.

Mother of 2. Saggitarius. Licensed Hair Stylist and Color Expert. 



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Radical Self Care Strategist

Guest on Episode 12

Dr. Joi Lewis

Facilitator of Liberation and Radical Self Care. Published Author. Healing Justice Coach. Auntie.

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