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Trill Moms is a global brand that seeks to support the modern mother by engaging women in authenticity and truth. We are cultivating a sisterhood of women with a desire to disrupt generational norms and re-define motherhood on our own terms. We provide a platform for women and gender non-conforming people to speak openly without judgement. We denounce patriarchy, racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other biases that prevent mothers from standing in their fullness. Trill Moms uplifts the lived experiences of all Trill Ass Mamas, and we unapologetically center the narratives of Black mothers. Black women and children in the U.S. die at rates astronomically higher than any other group of people, and they continue throughout their life to face a unique and contrived set of circumstances. Our mission is to disrupt these disparities, improve the quality of life for mothers, and raise well rounded, conscious children.

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Brittany L. Wright known to many as DJ Miss Brit, is a Digital Storyteller, Social Impact Strategist, and Creative who fiercely advocates for equity and Black liberation. She’s a published writer, freelance journalist,  and podcast host who focuses on the nuances of the Black life and motherhood. Miss Brit is an artist who has been able to travel the world sharing her love of spoken word and music. She’s been awarded a Verve Spoken Word Grant, Beyond The Pure Grant, and Legacy award for her work in healing communities through art-based engagement. Her company, Gray Matter, provides multimedia and public relations support to entities invested in social impact. In the fall of 2019 underneath the umbrella of Gray Matter Miss Brit released Trill Moms, a global brand and podcast focusing on Black Maternal Health, womanhood, and conscious parenting. In 2020 she became a Josie R. Johnson Leadership Fellow, and the host of the Black Life Amplified Town Hall Series with the African American Leadership Forum and Insight News. She’s been a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. since 2012 and currently serves in multiple capacities surrounding Public Relations and Social Action for the Minnesota State Organization. Find her on all platforms @HeyMissBrit


Aarica L. Coleman is a mother, community advocate, small business owner and policy analyst. Aarica has over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors of real estate, including housing and economic development, and finance. Aarica is intentional about educating and advancing equity in all facets of real estate and policy. Led by passion and commitment for social and reparative justice, Aarica specializes in socio-economic sustainability factors with communities that are marginalized and structurally disenfranchised. As co-host of Trill Moms Podcast, she uses her platform to bring awareness to the disparities that affect Black maternal health, child-rearing, and overall health, wellness, and stability.  

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Essence Jones is a devoted wife, #boymom, and mental health advocate. She founded the organization @protecturcrown and uses her mental health expertise to contribute to the wellness portions of the Trill Moms brand as a contributing voice and content producer. Essence is kind, patient, and always willing to support her community, but she will cut you if you say something bad about the Pittsburg Steelers. ​(She’s a Gemini). And yes she knows the NFL is on bullshit...don’t come for her.
Follow her: @protecturcrown


Shakeeta Sturden AKA Catwalkfierce can be described as a makeup artist, socialite, truth telling, paradigm shifter. When she is not slaying faces, she’s a full time mom to a God send 10 year old daughter, whom she also homeschools. After spending 10 years in finance as a licensed securities broker, she decided she needed total control over her mental and emotional well being as well as her time. She created Catwalkfierce Makeup Artistry and is in the business of empowering individuals to be their most authentic self at all costs. With a passion for cheeks of all kinds she's a contributing voice and content producer of Trill Moms focusing on beauty and sex positivity.
Follow her @catwalkfierce


Kashimana is a mother, musician, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, lyricist, guitarist, and performing teaching artist with a rich soulful blues voice that soars through their original compositions that draw inspiration from her experiences growing up in Nigeria, Kenya, traveling through Africa, Europe and finally settling in the United States. Kashimana writes about motherhood, relationships and mental health.

Follow her: @The_Kashimana

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ShaVunda Brown is an internationally award winning spoken word artist, an actress, organizer, and rap lyricist. She writes to empower and shed light on raw truths, with a sharp social consciousness. Using her knowledge of African diasporic spirituality, history, mythos and the southern folklore of her upbringing, she weaves stories and new visions of liberation. ShaVunda is the recipient of a 2019 Performance Arts Award from Washington County. She is a 2017/18 inaugural cohort member of the Bush Foundation’s Change Network,  2016/17 Many Voices Mentorship at The Playwrights Center,  2015 Verve Grant for Spoken Word, Poetry Slam Winner of The Farrago Fresher Slam at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and one half of the duo that won the 2010 Whut it Do? Hip-Hop Competition and Peace fest in Dallas, Texas. Lastly however certainly not least she is a beaming Mother of two brilliant children.

Follow her: @ShavundaThunda

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